Windshield Tinting

Protection meets style

They make the interior more cool
On hot summer days, the car’s interior temperature can get really high and uncomfortable. With our 3M Sun Protection film you can reduce the radiant heat by up to 70 %.

Burglar prevention protection:
Opportunity makes the thief, goes an old Finnish saying. If a thief sees something valuable inside the car, they might take the risk of a burglary. The 3M window film provides a layer of protection – the curious bypassers no longer can see the valuables inside, thus reducing the risk of theft.

Travel comfort and privacy
The attention of outsiders can sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful. The driver and passengers of the car are almost always clearly visible. Reduce the feeling of being inside a fish tank by getting a darkening tint. You can choose from a broad range of film strengths and you will get the privacy needed for easy commuting.

Glare protection
Dimming the car windows reduced eye strain from upcoming cars, the sun, and reflective, bright snow. Driving a car with tinted windows is a much more pleasant experience.

More security and durability
Tinting doubles the durability of your windows. It also provides shatter protection in the event of an accident. With tinted car windows, you reduce the risk of injure for you and your family, that can arise from wounds caused by broken glass in an accident.

Improved looks
The high-quality darkening also makes the car’s appearance considerably sportier and more stylish. You can always choose a desired degree of film darkness for your tints.

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