Windscreen Replacement Oulu

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If a windshield is permanently damaged in a way that it is not repairable, you often need a replacement. We offer windshield replacement for all automobiles regardless of the car brand. We are a supplier of the world’s largest windshield manufacturer’s high-class windshields.

The windshields in modern cars are glued, and therefore affect the tension of the car body. For safety reasons, windshields must be intact at all times. In addition to frontal windshields, we also instal rear windows and side windows on all car and body styles.

Replacing a windshield only takes about half a day. A car left to be serviced in the morning is often ready to pick up in the same day’s afternoon.


New vehicles are ofted equipped with advanced camera- or radar-based driver assistance systems, such as automatic emergency braking, cruise control, adaptive lights, lane departure warning or parking assist. Accurate calibration of these systems after a windshield replacement is important. Even a small misalignment can cause system malfunction or prevent assistance systems from operating completely.

Insurance Companies accepted Windscreen replacement and repair

If your windshield is insured, the repair will not cost you anything. You don’t need to do a insurance accident statement, we’ll cover that for you too. When replacing a windshield, you only pay the deductible amount. Final amount is paid by your insurance company.


We always suggest to change your windshield wipers whenever replacing the whole windshield. Old and stiff wipers can damage the new windshield. Autofix1 offers a large selection of Valeo’s high-class windshield wipers.


When replacing your windshield, we also offer loaner cars for our customers. When booking a replacement time, you can also book a suitable loaner for your needs in advance.